Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Submit Post for October 3 (Source Comparison #1)

Please add a comment to this post with a direct link to your first Source Comparison. Follow the same format used for submitting Article Reviews, but instead of including an article title, use a more general topic description (i.e., what were your three selected articles about?).

Reading for October 3 Class

Please complete the following reading assignments by Wednesday, October 3. 

Web ReDesign 2.0 by Goto & Cotler
pages 16-46

Notes on the Core Web Development Process (a handout)

Lunch with the FT: Tim Berners-Lee
By Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson

Also, please do a little clicking around Tim Berners-Lee's web personal pages on the W3 site (mentioned in the article above) and be prepared to discuss them:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Submit Post for September 19 (Article Review #1)

Please add a comment to this post with a direct link to your first Article Review. Include these three elements on separate lines:

1. your first name
2. title of article reviewed
3. direct url for your review (pointing to a post on your blog, NOT to the article you reviewed)

For example, if I added a comment for the sample review that I created it would look like this:

"The Dirty Little Secrets of Search"

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Real Class: Syllabus, Survey and Reading

Tonight will be our first official class. I'm posting several important links that you'll need right away.

Class Syllabus
A copy of your syllabus will be available in PDF form all semester long at this link.

Introductory Survey
Please complete this survey before you leave class today.

Please read this brief introduction to information architecture and short historical feature on the origins of the Internet before our next class. We'll discuss them and you may be quizzed, as well.

Pay attention to how information is presented. Consider how you might use these articles to learn more about the topics they introduce.

What is 'Information Architecture'?
by Martin Belam

How did the Internet start? (Read first 2 pages)
By Jonathan Strickland