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Submit Post for October 17 (Source Comparison #2)

Please submit a comment here with a link to your second Source Comparison.

Reading and HW for October 17 Class

Please complete the following reading in Web ReDesign 2.0 before our class on Wednesday, October 17.

Web ReDesign 2.0 by Goto & Cotler
pages 46-85

In addition, I'd like you to answer the following five questions about the reading assignment.

  1. What do Goto and Cotler think are some important things to identify when assessing audience capabilities? Are there examples you would add given changes in the industry since the book was published in 2005?
  2. What is scope creep?
  3. What software application do the authors recommend using for project management? Why do they recommend using a different application to deliver project management information to a client?
  4. There's a proofreading error in the sidebar titled "Project Management Applications"—what is it? (Google may help you here.)
  5. According to the authors, can usability testing be conducted using an online survey? Why or why not?

You should post the answers to these questions on your blog and submit a link to them in the comments for this blog post by the start of class. Your name and a link to the post will be sufficient here.

Submit Post for October 10 (Article Review #2)

Please add a comment here following the format established for Article Review #1. This should be posted by October 10, although we have a class meeting that night.