SAMPLE COMPARISON: New Mac OS Release (Source Comparison #1)

Article 1
"Apple OS X Mountain Lion Features, Release Date"
February 19, 2012

Article 2
"Did Windows force Apple's hand?"
February 20, 2012

Article 3
"FAQ: What's what in OS X Mountain Lion?"
February 20, 2012


  • Articles about release of Mountain Lion, a new Mac operating system
  • Relevant to class because of tighter integration of mobile devices, apps, and iCloud with desktop -- shifting Web interaction paradigm
  • #3 is most comprehensive
  • #3 has best links to other related stories, linked directly from story text, but also contextual sidebar with related stories
  • At 3 pages, #3 could be too long for casual reader
  • #1 is best short summary; still thorough list of new features, but topline approach
  • #1 little to no context; unfamiliar source; may be some kind of content scraping, or quick reframing of a press release
  • #1 best as starting point for other reading
  • #2 skews story toward competition between Apple & Microsoft
  • #2 purely speculative, though good quick info about market share for PCs -- presented with two graphs
  • #2 only article to use graphs

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