Requirements for Student Blog Posts

Student blogs this semester will include two different types of posts: Article Reviews and Source Comparisons. Five of each will be required by the end of the semester (alternating each week), for a total of ten blog posts. Guidelines for each type of post appear below, along with a section of additional requirements that apply to both.


1. Choose an article posted online in the last two weeks.
2. Post a summary of the article and your reason for choosing it on your blog.
3. Submit a total of five Article Reviews for the semester following the schedule posted here.

Each Article Review should contain the following elements:

  • Assignment Number (for example, "Article Review #1")
  • Article Title
  • Article Author(s) (if listed)
  • Article Publication Date
  • URL of Original Article
  • Article Summary (up to 300 characters describing the contents of the article)
  • Relevance to the Class (up to 300 characters describing how the article relates to the class)
  • Key Quote (a quote of up to 300 characters directly taken from the article highlighting an important point)

Use the Character Count Script on our blog to check the length of elements that have a character limit assigned (see above).



1. Select three recent news articles pertaining to a single story.
2. Post links to all three (with elements required below) along one set of notes comparing sources.
3. Submit a total of five Source Comparisons for the semester following the schedule posted on your syllabus.

Each Article Comparison should contain the following elements:

  • Assignment Number (for example, "Source Comparison #1")
  • Article Title (for each article)
  • Article Publication Date (for each article)
  • URL of Original Article (for each article)
  • Article Comparison Notes (no character limit or format requirement; need not be full sentences)



1. Set the date manually

I'd like you to use Blogger's date and time feature to be sure the publication date of your post corresponds to the Wednesday that it's due. If you have trouble using this feature, please ask me for help.

To clarify the process, you can automatically publish your post whenever you complete it. Before turning it in, however, I'd like you to verify that the post date matches the due date (editing that information if necessary).

2. Use labels to tag your article reviews and comparisons

I'd like you to use the "Labels" feature to add descriptive tags (words that could help a reader know what your post is about) to each of your blog posts. This is an important part of the exercise, because these labels will be used to enhance navigation on the blog. Start tagging your posts from the beginning.

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